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Hi there and thanks for visiting our site to convert Gallons to Litres. As you’ve probably guessed, this site is a very quick and easily to use converter which will always be free so you can make quick conversions and then get on with the rest of your day.

After months of researching different calculators we designed this site from start to finish to provide one of the fastest and most easiest to use measurement converters on the planet.

It’s really easy to use. Simply start by entering either the amount of Gallons or Litres into the boxes provided and you’ll instant get a result in the opposite box with the correct conversion inside.

Lots of people use this site daily because they are given amounts in either Gallons or Litres and want to convert one unit of measure to the other, fast and easily. We are always looking to improve this site so if you have any suggestions then please get in touch. We’ll work hard to getting your improvements live as soon as possible.

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Gallons To Litres Converter & Litres To Gallons Converter

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Website checked and updated DAILY. 1 Gallon (Gal) = 4.54609 Litres (L) (updated 28-05-2016)

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